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White Swiss Shepherd Dog

The White Swiss Shepherd is a direct descendant of German Shepherds, and, in fact, earlier the first and second were reckoned with the same breed. At the end of the 19th century, when the German shepherd breed was formed, all colors, including white, were accepted for standardization. Now it is believed that the white shepherd and white Swiss shepherd, as well as German, are three different breeds, although they have the same origin.

The separation process began after 1920, when a German shepherd breed with white coat was discarded to participate in dog shows. By the way, it is interesting to know that the first officially registered German shepherd nicknamed Horand Von Grafrat had a classic color, although the maternal great-grandfather of this dog was pure white. After 1970, breeders appeared who engaged in targeted breeding of white shepherd dogs, and American enthusiasts played a large role in this.

Paradoxical as it may seem, at the beginning some individuals born in the USA were registered in Switzerland – obviously, to emphasize the generic roots. Although, at home they were registered as a subspecies of the German Shepherd, and the first association of the breed of white shepherd dogs appeared in America, and not in their homeland, which is again paradoxical. In Switzerland, these dogs, as a separate breed called the white Swiss Shepherd, were registered and officially recognized only in 1991. After Switzerland, in 1992 the breed was recognized by Holland and other European countries.

This breed in shape is very similar to a German shepherd, and there is practically no difference in physique and size. The paws are slightly longer than the average, the tail is pulled up and bent, the neck is long, the muzzle resembles a wolf, ears are triangular, erect. German shepherds generally resemble wolves in many respects.

All German Shepherds have a very developed intellect, and a white Swiss Shepherd is no exception. These are very curious and intelligent dogs with a balanced and balanced character. Many believe that the German Shepherd as such is generally the ideal of a companion dog – the best friend of a person who can always be relied on and who will never betray and help out in difficult times.

The Swiss White Shepherd is well trained, very devoted to the owner and his family. By the way, usually these dogs clearly understand the difference between the family and the owner, who, in their minds, is something like a pack leader. A high level of energy requires training, long walks, and developed intelligence – training teams and intellectual games. These are strong and confident dogs, but if the owner disappears for a long time, they are very bored.

The white Swiss shepherd dog treats strangers with caution, watches their behavior, but does not feel hostility without a reason. If you bring up an animal in the right way, you don’t have to worry about causeless aggression, hostility and other similar manifestations.

On the contrary, your dog will feel great both in the family circle, and in the circle of your friends or unfamiliar people. For this, the dog requires early socialization – meeting other people of all ages, as well as constant communication with other dogs. By the way, it is better to introduce this breed to cats at an early age. The white Swiss shepherd treats children well, being a good nanny and a reliable protector.

A deep understanding of responsibility is possible thanks to the legendary mind and ingenuity of these dogs, as well as their soulfulness and kindness with which they perceive their family. They are used as guard dogs, as guide dogs, just as a companion for the whole family – we can say, in a sense, the shepherd is the embodiment of the best qualities of the dog. And it depends only on you in what vein to develop them.

The breed white Swiss shepherd dog, although it needs early socialization, is well aware of the learning process, and if the owner does everything right, he will not have any problems. Education can begin at an early age, about six months, with the formation of behavior, meeting other people and animals. Gradually, you can enter basic classes into classes.

If you require special skills, you can wait until one year of age. Complicated teams, skills to help people with special needs, skills to attack or protect the owner, the white Swiss shepherd learns well and quickly, enjoying the learning process. Complex specialized skills are usually trained by trainers.

A white Swiss shepherd dog needs to be combed out at least once a week. Also, do not forget to trim the pet’s claws in time, and make sure that the ears and eyes of the animal always remain clean, removing deposits. A dog should be bathed at least once a week.

Common diseases
This breed is notable for good health, but some problems still occur. Among them:

hip dysplasia;
elbow dysplasia;

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