Basset Hound (Basset)
The breed of dogs Basset Hound is very recognizable, these dogs can not be confused with others. Their low stature, extremely long ears, unhurried manner of behavior and wrinkles on…

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Briard (French Shepherd Dog)
One of the oldest and well-known breeds both in France and abroad is the Briard breed. These dogs are known as very soulful and kind, and their thick, long coat…

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Afghan hound
The breed of dogs of the Afghan Hound is widely known throughout the world not only because of its amazing appearance, but also because it is one of the oldest…

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Belgian Shepherd Tervuren

In fact, dogs like Belgian shepherds have long been growing and developing in this territory, however, at some point the dog breeders decided to conduct a study and identify the main types of dogs. However, it was the breeders who subsequently divided the Belgian Shepherd into four main types. In particular, the Tervuren breed has its own history.

The name of the breed, known in the homeland as Chien de Berger Belge, comes from the village of Tervuren, where a breeder named M.F. Corbil lived. At the beginning of the 20th century, he thought that it was possible to cross black and fawn dogs in order to standardize the modern tervuren.

Tervuren – the dog is really universal. Before the industrial era seriously captured Belgium, these pets were really needed by people, and first of all, by farmers. Just because there were still a lot of farms, and they needed both a reliable guard of the territories and a dog that could help in grazing cattle on pastures.

When, nevertheless, due to the development of the industry, the number of farms was reduced, the tervuren remained a watchdog and companion for ordinary residents who did not conduct farming activities, in addition, he was always in demand in stockyards.

Currently, the tervuren, in addition to the above functions, is also used as K-9 police dogs, in border and other troops, in search and rescue operations, and as dogs for the disabled. In addition, the Tervuren breed is the champion in dog shows for agility, as well as in tests for obedience and grazing.

Tervuren are large dogs with a proportional, muscular physique. Head moderately long, medium-sized eyes, slightly almond-shaped, dark brown. The ears are triangular and straight. Extremities of medium length, tail fluffy, longer than average.

The coat is short on the head, but already long on the rest of the body, especially on the neck and chest, where it forms a collar. Color gray-black, fawn or red.

The dog breed Tervuren has a very kind and open character, especially in relation to his family. This is really an ideal companion and a great friend for a person at any age, who will always be happy to help everyone in his power. These dogs have a great intellect, they understand the person very well, are very smart, always feel the situation in the house and, with the right education, always know what can be done and what cannot. Thanks to the excellent memory, many commands are remembered, moreover, if the dog is well trained, it simply often understands what is expected of it and does everything as it should.

They behave nobly, reasonably and with restraint, do not show aggression with strangers, but they are not too friendly. At least if it is not a family friend whom the pet knows well. On the other hand, a lot depends on the upbringing and the owner’s ability to socialize his dog as efficiently as possible. Although, usually, the breed is well aware of the learning process and seeks to please the owner.

However, the tervuren has a very high energy level, which is not surprising for a dog that grazed sheep and cows on mountain pastures all day long. It is extremely important to direct the energy in the right direction, otherwise, an independent nature can lead to difficulties. You must remember that shepherd dogs often spent a lot of time away from the owner, and had to make independent decisions.

In addition, do not forget that you will definitely have to provide the animal with the proper level of physical activity, namely, long walks, running, active games. If you cannot ensure a high level of activity, and the dog will sit at home alone during the day, and you walk it in the morning for 5 minutes and in the evening at 10, it will end with the fact that it will start to bite furniture, scatter things and in general, its character will deteriorate.

It must be clearly understood that the dog needs a close relationship with the owner, and is not suitable for everyone. You really have to spend a lot of time with her. Tervuren are quite sensitive emotionally, therefore they sharply feel the negative in their direction, which, over time, accumulates and gives its fruits.

Children are perceived well, they love them by default, they can be a good nanny, because they feel their responsibility for them. Like many other shepherd dogs, sometimes they can nibble children on their heels and try to drive them into a room, for example, in the evening. But, it’s rather joking, very positive and always causes a smile.

Tervuren breed needs proper education, which is necessary not only for acquiring skills and memorizing teams, but also for character formation. It is important to be a good and fair owner with the dog, since this breed categorically does not accept harsh methods of communication and beatings, and very acutely feels injustice. In addition, they are generally distinguished by high emotional sensitivity.

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