Boxer - a dog known throughout the world. They are very popular both in America and in Europe and the CIS countries, and this breed originated from Germany. In fact,…

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The Komondor dog breed comes from Hungary. In their native country, written references to these pets first appeared in the 16th century, but this does not mean that they arose…

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Great Dane of Argentina

The history of the appearance of a dog of the breed Argentine Great Dane is always associated with a man named Antonio Nores Martinez. It was he who first, at the beginning of the 20th century (1920s), began to select strong, large dogs with a fighting character by selection method.

Martinez’s dream was to create a breed that could represent his native country on the world stage. After 100 years, we can say with confidence what he did. In fact, the breed Argentine Great Dane, or, as it is also called, the Argentine Mastiff, is a descendant of the now extinct Cordoba dog.

When Martinez was just starting his work, he had to face innate aggression, and despite all his efforts, he failed to eliminate or even significantly reduce this quality. The changes occurred, but they were not enough to change the nature of the breed, because of which the breed of the Argentine Great Dog was often used in clandestine dog fights. This trend exists today, as a result, he won the notoriety of an aggressive dog. In the 1990s, the breed was banned in many countries, like some other fighting dog breeds, such as Fila Brasileiro and Tosa Inu.

However, the successes Martinez managed to achieve allowed the dog to work in a pack, and the instinct of a fearless and ruthless fighter was somewhat transformed into a hunting one. Thus, the modern breed of the Dogo Argentino officially refers more to hunting breeds than to fighting ones, although in fact aggression and fighter instinct take place.

Dog breed Argentinean dog has large sizes, medium-length limbs, wide, powerful chest and pronounced abdominal cavity. The head is of the correct form, the muzzle is square, the ears are folded, hanging down on the sides of the head. The tail is long, the coat is short. Usually in dogs used in battles, ears and tail are stopped for obvious reasons (however, some owners do this for aesthetic reasons).

Dogo Argentino is a powerful, strong breed with a large amount of energy. Since the temperament of these dogs has its own characteristics, their upbringing often seems difficult, and therefore, it requires an experienced, strong-willed master. If you do not have experience with such dogs, or if you did not have a dog before, it is better to choose a different breed.

These animals really possess hidden aggression, and therefore, the task of each owner is to direct this quality in the right direction. It is amazing that the raised Argentinean dog, in the circle of his family, is an amazingly devoted animal, affectionate and open. Moreover, if they recognize the master in you, they will obey, try to please, and in general will see in you the highest living creature, which should be obeyed.

These dogs need a large number of physical exercises, they love games, walks and perfectly perceive training. If there is nowhere to put energy, then aggressive character traits will prevail – the character will begin to deteriorate in the dog, it will become irritable, and in your absence, you can rest assured that he will make a real hell at home. Moreover, the breed of the Argentinean dog will not only tear your favorite slippers – these pets are powerful and destructive, but because of this, furniture items and doorposts may have to be changed.

In relation to other animals and strangers, the principle applies – caution and readiness by default. If your dog is friends with another dog, they will play and walk together, this is normal, but if a conflict with another dog suddenly arises, you need to grab your pet’s collar immediately. Since there will be no mercy, as well as retreat. The same is with conflicting people.

For children, if they are family members, the dog is normal, but if the child of your friends wants to play with your dog, you better stay close. Alone Argentine Mastiff for a long time is better not to leave.

This breed is well suited for protection and protection, however, these dogs can not live on the street all year round in our latitudes. This is a wonderful companion, a true friend, and a reliable defender, there is no doubt. If you live in a private house, you definitely need a strong high fence, deeply dug into the ground, and even better – located on a concrete base. After all, the Dogo of Argentina will certainly try to make a dig.

As we mentioned above, the dogo Argentino is quite complicated for training and education of the breed. Firstly, this is facilitated by a certain internal independence and strong character, and secondly, it is sometimes difficult to overcome the internal aggression of these animals.

First of all, you need to establish yourself as a master, for which there are several main rules. First, do not lose your temper – let the dog see you as a fair, consistent owner who can be strict, but only when it is needed. Next, let your pet understand that all the most important things in his life are with you – you are their keeper and undivided owner.

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