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Afghan hound

The breed of dogs of the Afghan Hound is widely known throughout the world not only because of its amazing appearance, but also because it is one of the oldest breeds on earth. The latest DNA studies have confirmed that the Afghan Hound originated long before the birth of Christ, and therefore, its existence dates back perhaps more than 3,000 years. In the homeland of these animals, Tazi has been called since ancient times.

Now they are rarely used for hunting, but a few centuries ago everything was exactly the opposite. The Afghan Hound was an outstanding hunting dog, which even went with a leopard, another question is that, of course, several dogs were needed to fight such a predator. Also, it should be noted that dogs usually did not directly participate in the killing of a predator, since their task was to drive him and limit his movement until the arrival of the huntsman, who usually followed his helpers on horseback.

In fact, apart from DNA tests and stories, as well as folklore and images, there is no other evidence of these animals. It is believed that the modern Afghan hound came from a cross between an ancient Afghan breed and a saluki. The first official written certificate dates back to 1925. This is the first official written document that concerns the Afghan Hounds and is written by an English officer.

The officer kept a whole kennel of these dogs near Kabul, and sent several individuals to England, in fact, the document tells us exactly about this. This is an official report, something like an invoice. From England, the breed spread to America. Where also won many positive reviews.

In the seventies there was a huge jump in the popularity of this breed, and all thanks to the Barbie doll. The fact is that it was in the 70s that a well-known series was released, in which there was a breed of dog Afghan Hound, which made it one of the most recognizable breeds in America and around the world. In the 80s, these dogs became real stars at the exhibitions of the American Kennel Club.

The Afghan hound has a graceful physique, an elongated muzzle, long ears with thick hair that hang down on the sides of the head. The limbs are long, the dog is tall at the withers, the coat covers the whole body with a thick coat. The tail is short and often curled up.

The breed of dog Afghan Hound has a somewhat non-standard character, and this is expressed in everything. On the one hand, these are very loving and open animals, which within their family are an endless source of kindness, affection and fun. On the other hand, they suddenly, for no apparent reason, can become closed and not at all make contact.

In addition, the Afghan hound has a very developed intellect, and perfectly understands everything that happens around her, feels the attitude of others and the mood of the owner. Internal independence and as if isolation from everyone around, in fact, does not prevent these pets from being obedient and incredibly loyal.

Another thing is that a dog sometimes simply does not want to train or play with you, and it is useless to try using pressure, psychological or physical, to force it to be trained on a day clearly designated by you. In fact, it will not bring any benefit, and will only be to the detriment. It’s better to simply take such a side of the animal’s nature as given, and keep in mind that they have lived on this planet for thousands of years, which means that this side of nature is embedded in their blood and genes very deeply.

It treats children very well, if it is a child from the family in which the dog lives, she will by default perceive him as a native creature. They can be shy, and therefore it is better not to keep them in a house with children under 4 years old due to harsh sounds and improper children’s behavior towards animals. In fact, it is difficult to find a more loving, intelligent and affectionate dog in relation to beloved people, but in relation to strangers, everything is completely different.

To the strangers, the Afghan hound is neutral, but wary, does not show aggression, but always on the alert. If this is a family friend, the dog will show more friendliness, but not immediately. The Afghan will not bark at the guests either – rather, he will simply ignore them. For this reason, as a watchman, this breed does not fit well.

These animals have a fairly high level of energy, they need to walk on the street daily enough, moreover, it is advisable that the owner play various games with his pet. A good idea would be jogging together. Often, Afghan hounds choose one person as their sole owner, even if they live in a family. They will listen to other family members, but to a lesser extent, although they will love them as relatives.

As we said above, the breed of Afghan Hound has a fairly independent character. On the one hand, this can cause certain difficulties in training, on the other hand, if the owner shows sufficient flexibility and forms the right approach, problems can be avoided.

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