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Today it’s hard to say how many years the Affenpincher breed has exactly counted, although official documents refer us only to the 19th century. In fact, the closest ancestors of these dogs are depicted in the paintings of Dutch artists as early as the 15th century, and this adds an additional 400 years to the official date. Dogs in the paintings have a stiff coat, beard and the same small size.

The question arises – why did the artists even depict these dogs, because they are not particularly remarkable? The answer to this question lies in the agility and character of the animals. At that time, they were mainly used for hunting rodents, especially large rats, which not even every cat could handle.

Over the following centuries, until the beginning – the middle of the 20th century, a small wire-haired pinscher with a restless and rather evil disposition was a favorite pet of every grocery store owner, owner of a stable or a farmer in Germany and Austria. Literally almost all of these dogs were kept. At least when it comes to ordinary people.

Indeed, in addition to the ability to hunt rats, a small amount of the required food (the dog is small), devotion and courage, affen had another important quality – he was a great watchman. The breed retains this ability today. However, in those distant times, namely in the 17-18th century, these dogs were still larger than today. Scientists today cannot say exactly who and how made the breed more miniature.

However, it is traditionally accepted that this happened after the aristocrats, especially the noble ladies, started the dogs. And, of course, they saw these small dogs exclusively as companions, and wanted to make them as small as possible.

Perhaps there was a cross with pugs, perhaps with the now extinct breed of German silk-wool pinscher, but in fact the animals from the paintings of the 15th century are slightly larger than almost identical in everything (except for size), their descendants living in the 17th century.

The first breed standard began to be developed much later – only in 1902, although it was finally finalized only 11 years later, in 1913. Today, the breed of affinpincher is considered quite rare in many developed countries. By the way, affen translated from German literally means “monkey.” That, we will be frank, partly reflects the nature of the breed.

Affenpincher is a small, slender dog. The physique is strong, the limbs are short, muscular, proportional to the body. The eyes are round, convex and dark. The ears are triangular, folded in half, the face is flattened, with a “beard”, the tail is short.

Wool is usually black, but it can also be silver, brown, black with a tan and red. A dog may have a white spot on its chest.

Affenpinscher – a small dog, but very temperamental. These animals have an inexhaustible supply of energy, anger and various surprises, both pleasant and not very. Of course, the small size makes this breed not very dangerous for an adult. That is, if on the street the dog catastrophically does not like any stranger and she decides to bite him by the leg, this is certainly unpleasant, but not fatal.

That is, such a side of the affinpincher’s personality as a cocky and irreconcilable character can even do you a good job, and although this dog needs constant hedgehog gloves, it is not capable of causing serious harm to humans. But! Only an adult, as with children everything is much more serious.

The Affenpincher dog does not like children, and this is one of those most unpleasant surprises. More precisely, one more. And if you have young children, it’s best to pick a different breed, as these dogs will not tolerate, and immediately try to scare or bite. Moreover, they do not like children under 4-5 years old in particular, since they create a lot of noise and, as a rule, do not know how to behave with animals.

In relation to strangers, the affinpincher does not maintain neutrality – by default he retains the opposition, sometimes quite tough and implacable. Moreover, if the dog is too crazy, it will not be able to calm down quickly, it takes some time. That is, inviting friends home, be prepared that your pet will arrange a small, local war for 15-20 minutes. Then everything should return to normal, however, you yourself should not indulge in such an animal temper.

As you probably already understood, this breed urgently needs early socialization, it is simply necessary. In addition, you must constantly monitor the behavior of the dog, otherwise it will quickly start to get out of control. In fact, this is the secret to success in working with an affinpincher – constant monitoring of behavior and rigor, when necessary, give a positive result.

In the circle of his family, the pet is usually playful, affectionate, and often behaves very funny. He must not be allowed to run without a leash if there are other animals or people nearby.

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