American water spaniel
The American water spaniel breed appeared in hunting farms along the Fox River and its tributary of the Wolf River in the early 19th century. At that far time, people…

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Briard (French Shepherd Dog)
One of the oldest and well-known breeds both in France and abroad is the Briard breed. These dogs are known as very soulful and kind, and their thick, long coat…

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Belgian Shepherd Tervuren
In fact, dogs like Belgian shepherds have long been growing and developing in this territory, however, at some point the dog breeders decided to conduct a study and identify the…

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Basset Hound (Basset)

The breed of dogs Basset Hound is very recognizable, these dogs can not be confused with others. Their low stature, extremely long ears, unhurried manner of behavior and wrinkles on the face are familiar to many from various films, cartoons and television series.

As an example, one can cite the well-known lieutenant Colombo from the television series of the same name, and his dog named “Dog” (the dog is a great name for a dog, isn’t it?). This basset hound was lazy, had an independent character and good nature. This breed originated in France, however, modern bassets are somewhat different, as they were bred separately from French individuals brought to England.

The French ancestors of modern bassets came from laconic dogs, which, in turn, led to the emergence of the hounds of St. Hubert around the 10th century AD, through prolonged selection in the monastery of St. Hubert. They were described as possessing an excellent scent, with short legs, large and slow dogs with a small head (in modern bassets, on the contrary, you can’t name a small head).

These dogs successfully lived and developed, having success with the French aristocracy until the 19th century. The most famous royal lover of this breed is Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, who even ordered several sculptures of his Basset Hound dogs to be made.

Targeted breeding in France began around the 1870s, and at the same time, several individuals were moved to England, where breeders began their own breeding program. They crossed the French Basset Hound with the Bloodhound through artificial insemination. They crossed the resulting dogs with French Bassets, as a result of which a clear breed standard was formed around 1895. This standard was updated in 2010.

A Basset Hound dog should be no more than 36 cm high – this is the official breed standard. The neck is long, the head is large, the skin on the face sags and has folds, the ears are long, sometimes they can almost reach the ground (if the neck is lowered to the level with the spine). The tail is also long, set high above the back, legs are short. The physique is large, they are prone to excess weight, the trunk is elongated. Color usually consists of two or three colors – white, brown, black.

Kind, friendly, physically unable to rush anywhere – these are basset hound dogs. They have a very peculiar character – on the one hand, these dogs are known for their gentleness, kindness and obedience, on the other, sometimes they can be an example of stubbornness and independence. Moreover, not only heredity plays a role here – a lot depends on the owner himself and on whether he can properly build relationships with his pet.

Due to the physique, the Basset Hound breed is poorly adapted to any serious activity, although their French ancestors were often used specifically for hunting. Modern bassets are rarely used for these purposes, for security functions, as you know, they are also useless. Although, they can raise an alarm, because they love barking (and often can even howl for their pleasure) and generally can react quite violently to unexpected sounds or strangers that they did not like.

Nevertheless, mostly dogs of the Basset Hound breed are bred as a companion and friend for the whole family – they are wonderful for children, interesting, curious, like to be among people and generally like to feel in the spotlight. Children are perceived beautifully, very patient and tolerant in communicating with them.

Despite their short legs and slowness, they like walks, games, and well accept other pets. It is better to introduce them to cats at an early age if you assume that the cat is at home with the dog. Internal independence does not prevent them from becoming strongly attached to their family, although they can spend part of the day in private.

Basset Hound dogs are usually used as a pet, companion, and therefore do not need to be trained in complex teams. If the pet has a stubborn character, which is often the case, the main thing that the owner needs to achieve is obedience. To do this, you need to have a strong will, and a huge amount of patience, since with bassets brute force, beatings, constant screaming and psychological pressure are unacceptable.

You need to use the methods and tricks of the trainer, such as promotion and covert manipulation. The latter means, for example, that if the dog wants to walk or play with you, let it know that you will meet after completing the task. In this case, put the leash in a prominent place and repeat the command. The task can be complicated by introducing distractions and increasing the distance between you and your pet.

The basset hound requires regular brushing of the hair once a week. And also, you will have to carefully examine its ears and clean them from pollution 2-3 times a week.

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