American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff)
The American Staffordshire Terrier is a direct descendant of the English Staffordshire Bull Terrier, which became famous in its homeland and around the world. The English Staffordshire Bull Terrier came…

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The Doberman Pinscher breed of dog appeared as a result of the experiments of a single person who, in fact, was not even going to create so popular and famous…

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American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff)
The American Staffordshire Terrier is a direct descendant of the English Staffordshire Bull Terrier, which became famous in its homeland and around the world. The English Staffordshire Bull Terrier came…

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English cocker spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel is a breed widely known throughout the world, and in England these dogs have been known since the early Middle Ages. Cute animals, which now play the role of companions, in those ancient times were mainly used during the hunt for woodcocks and other birds.

However, some monarchs loved their spaniels so much that they considered them primarily as companions, without parting with them either in bed or at council meetings – this made King Karl ll famous. He even issued a special law that allowed him to appear with a spaniel in any state institutions. Despite the fact that other dogs were strictly prohibited from entering such places.

By and large, the English Spaniel is not much different from its counterpart – the American Cocker Spaniel. In fact, many are interested in what the difference is, and the only definite answer to this is size. In fact, the same breed developed in England and America from the beginning of the 20th century, however, American breeders raised smaller dogs, while the British were noticeably larger.

Moreover, both in the litter of the first and in the litter of the second, puppies of different sizes could be found, and this was considered normal. Even in Shakespeare, one can find mention of cocker spaniels of various sizes.

However, in 1930, international organizations still decided to divide these dogs into two separate breeds. Moreover, the division of spaniels into many different types appeared only at the end of the 19th century. Although up to this point they were mainly divided into land and water. The English Cocker Spaniel, by the way, is terrestrial.

In addition to size, American cocker spaniels by the 30s of the last century had acquired other characteristic features. In particular, these were dogs with a shorter muzzle, a more rounded skull, and a denser coat of wool, as a result of which, in 1935, breeders in England and the USA decided to separate them all the same.

True, the American Kennel Club supported this decision only in 1946 – immediately after the Second World War. Accordingly, one was named after the English Cocker Spaniels, while others became known as the American Cocker Spaniel. Moreover, each of the varieties is very popular in its own country today, entering the list of the most popular breeds.

The English Cocker Spaniel is a small, strong and agile dog. The physique is strong, proportional, the limbs are medium, the muzzle is square, the ears are low and covered with long and wavy hair. The head is round, with a pronounced transition from the forehead to the eyes, the chest is voluminous, the tail is short, the coat is long.

Color can be: dark red, light red, black and white, black.

Dog breed English Cocker Spaniel is friendly, kind and helpful pets. They have an open character, and are very fond of people, moreover, not only those with whom they live, but also strangers. We can say that these dogs seem to be always happy by default, and very rarely give in to sadness, and in combination with love for people, they immediately try to make friends with everyone and pass on to others a piece of their mood.

Several things can do them unhappy, and firstly, this is the absence of the owners for a long time. In other words, the animal is extremely difficult to endure a long separation from his master, family, and therefore it is better not to leave him alone for a long time. If you are going on a long vacation with your whole family, it is better to take the dog with you, it is better than leaving it with friends. Rudeness, injustice, beatings – the next factor.

The English Cocker Spaniel practically does not carry any internal aggression, and in general has a balanced and harmonious character. You can be sure that your pet will never start a quarrel with another dog in the park and will not cause ridiculous conflicts. The English Cocker Spaniel needs long walks, physical activity and games, but if he does not receive these things, he will spoil not only his character, but also his appearance.

The dog will begin to gain excess weight and turn into a slightly capricious and possibly even destructive (when nobody is at home) animal, which can serve more as a decoration of the sofa. Today, these dogs are practically not used for hunting, and serve only as companions, good friends for the whole family.

Therefore, one should not hope that when he starts a cocker spaniel in a private house, he will be able to be a watchman and warn about the approach of danger in the form of a man – on the contrary, most likely he will not recognize the attacker, and will run to him wagging his tail, waiting for sweets. That is, a dog can bark at extraneous noise, etc., but you must understand that people in its mind are not a threat, and it does not have the genetic roots of a territory guard, such as a Caucasian shepherd.

Despite all the love for his owners, for the affectionate and kind character, sometimes the breed may appear stubborn. This is due to the fact that sometimes the dog does not see a reason to execute the command.

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