Australian terrier
The Australian Terrier is a breed originally from Australia, as you probably guessed by the name. However, despite the fact that the breed is considered Australian, it originated from the…

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Australian Kelpie
The breed of dogs Australian Kelpie came from Australia, excuse me for the obviousness and tautology. This happened when, in the mid-19th century, black collies were brought to the continent,…

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Dandy dinmont terrier
Dandy Dinmont Terrier is a unique breed, not only due to its unusual appearance, but also due to the name of the breed. Perhaps this is the only case in…

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English Pointer

The English Pointer is a very famous breed, not only in its homeland, but also beyond. These dogs were widely used back in the 17th century for hunting small and large game. In turn, they came from the Spanish hunting dogs Perro de Punta Espanyol, or the Spanish pointers, which have a very ancient history, and are mentioned by Pliny in the 1st century AD.

Spanish pointers were taught by Christian monks, and after the arrival of Muslim conquerors on the Iberian Peninsula, they were widely used for falconry. The dog found dead prey and stopped there waiting for the owner. This principle of hunting, sometimes somewhat altered (a dog carefully brings game to the owner in its mouth), is used to this day, although firearms have long been used instead of falcons.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, the British everywhere brought these dogs to England, where they created an English pointer on their basis. They set a goal to create a faster and more effective dog than the Spanish ancestor, selecting only the fastest, most hardy dogs, with the best sense of smell and hearing. The British managed to create their own unique dogs, which they are rightly proud of.

In the mid-19th century, the pointer was brought to America, where at that time a setter was used as a hunting dog. Of course, he could not seriously compete with the English pointer, and the latter began to rapidly gain popularity among American hunters.

The emblem of the Westminster Kennel Club depicts a Pointer dog named Sensation – it had a huge impact on the development of the breed in the United States, being brought from England. Despite the fact that the dog is universally called the English Pointer, in official registers it is referred to simply as a Pointer.

The breed of dog Pointer has a thin physique and long limbs, which allows them to develop greater speed during running and pursuit of prey. Ears are long, flat, hanging down on the sides of the head. The fit of the head and neck is such that they are in line with the body or lower – this is also important when pursuing and running. This is a smooth-haired breed, which can have a different color.

Despite the fact that the dog is intended for hunting, these are not bloodthirsty and not aggressive animals. They become wonderful companions and friends for the whole family, kind, balanced and loyal. They like to be in the family circle, have a good intellect and perfectly understand the owners. These dogs never act on evil, preferring gentleness and obedience. Although, of course, in order for the personality of the animal to develop in the right way, appropriate proper education is also required.

The English Pointer can coexist harmoniously in a large family, being everyone’s favorite, and be a companion to a lone owner, accompanying him always and everywhere. This dog feels well the emotional state of a person and always tries to support him, as far as the dog can do. Despite the soft nature, these dogs have some internal stubbornness and a desire to act in their own way, which again requires training.

The dog pointer has a huge amount of internal energy that needs to be consumed somewhere, so long walks for the owner should become the norm. At the same time, your pet will be happy to sit next to you on the couch while watching your favorite television series or news.

The English Pointer is ideal for hunting, and not only for birds, but also for small or large game. Thanks to its tremendous speed and excellent sense of smell, combined with excellent stamina, the dog can track a bloody trail, for example, from a shot wild boar. In the Middle Ages they were trained, including, in order to drive a wild animal and bring it to the hunter.

For the protection of a private house, they are poorly suited, because they are contraindicated to chain and they are too friendly. Other animals are perceived normally, including cats, but there may be trouble with birds, because for their genetic memory this is prey.

The breed of dogs English pointer needs daily walks, even if they are held in a playful way. There are two options for the development of events: the first is the education of a real hunter in a dog, the second is the education of a good and faithful member of the family, which is interesting to spend time with both adults and children.

The first option requires specialized training, which should be carried out by an experienced person. If you are not a hunter, you can carry out work with the personality of the dog yourself. In any case, you need to avoid aggression, beatings, screams, especially if you shout unjustly and unreasonably, because the animal perfectly understands such things.

If you go for a walk, ideally it is necessary that your pet is literally tired of running – then he will feel satisfied. Also, you should definitely take time on the street for active games and training, so that the dog sees and feels the owner’s attention.

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