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Briard (French Shepherd Dog)
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American Akita

American Akita is a breed that, despite its Japanese origin, is considered American. How did this happen? Very simply – after the Second World War, American soldiers returned home and brought several individuals to their homeland, giving rise to a new history of these fairly ancient dogs.

If we talk about their Japanese origin and history of existence, the Akita Inu breed has been known to the Japanese since ancient times. These dogs in ancient times were called matagi ken, and performed many different functions, from guarding estates to bloody entertainments – dog fights and fights with wild animals. In general, translated from Japanese, the name of the breed means “going to the bear.”

At the end of the 17th century, dog fights, and in general dog and animal fights, gained more and more popularity, spreading throughout Japan. Accordingly, there was a need for a variety of breeds. And therefore, the Matagi Ken began to interbreed with the mastiff, which even then was widely known throughout the world for its fighting qualities, size and fearlessness.

If you trace the images of Japanese dogs in time, you can see how their appearance has changed over the course of several centuries. Mastiffs brought not only the outwardly characteristic features of the breed, but also some internal qualities, such as poise, patience, determination. Dog fighting was banned only at the beginning of the 20th century, but the breed remained.

During World War II, these dogs were almost exterminated, although not intentionally, by the allied forces. Japanese breeders subsequently even tried to cross Akita with German Shepherds, but quickly abandoned this dubious undertaking, restoring the population in a natural way. The breed was officially recognized by the American Akita in 2001.

The American Akita dog breed has large sizes, erect ears of a triangular shape with a slight bend forward, and a semi-long, dense coat, like a bear cub. The muzzle is wedge-shaped, the chest is wide, the legs are of medium length. Build muscular, strong, fluffy tail, bent up.

Independence, devotion and fearlessness – these are the main features that the American Akita breed character possesses. Of course, this is not limited to this, since over many centuries of existence, the breed has developed a mass of valuable qualities.

Without a doubt, these include a very sharp and developed intellect, thanks to which the dog perfectly understands everything that is happening around it, understands the owner well, recognizes commands and is able to draw its own conclusions. Which he uses, literally having his own outlook on things – remember, we mentioned independence? This is it, in all its glory.

Accordingly, it’s impossible to simply break the will and achieve stupid obedience, unless you distort the psyche of the animal, which is unacceptable. To start this breed is not recommended for inexperienced owners, as respect must be earned, and education must be done correctly, with great patience and justice.

Since in the blood there is a mass of hunting genes of small animals, they are poorly perceived, rather as prey. With other pets, they also do not get along very well, especially when the gender of the Akita and the other pet are the same. These dogs generally require respect for themselves, but to show attention are less demanding and understand the owner’s desire to retire. They treat children well, but, again, they do not tolerate disrespect. They need walks and training, physical and intellectual activity.

Akita is a naughty dog. Every dog ​​lover knows this. But they can be taught to teams, and most importantly, to win their location. If the dog loves and respects you, it will do what it needs and will listen to you. Akita is difficult to train as a German shepherd, but obedience and command execution can be achieved.

American Akita requires great patience, kindness and will in education from the owner. Strictness is permissible, cruelty in no case, since in this case you will not earn any respect. Even the execution of basic commands, sometimes the task is not simple, but with due persistence, everything will work out. And do not forget to praise the dog for success, and scold (rightly and without excesses) for disobedience.

The breed of American Akita has a thick coat, and therefore needs to be combed regularly, at least once a week, or better – twice. Always ensure that the ears and eyes of the animal are clean, bathe your pet once or twice a week, and trim the nails as needed.

Common diseases
American Akita does not suffer from any complex hereditary diseases, and refers to relatively healthy dogs. The main thing is to ensure a variety of activity so that the pet does not gain excess weight. In addition, remember that the difficult nature of this breed can not be broken by aggression and strength, as this will subsequently cause problems with the psyche, and in the future, various neuralgia.

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