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Welsh terrier (Welsh Terrier)

The Welsh Terrier, or, as it is also called, the Welsh Terrier, is considered one of the oldest terriers on the planet. Although many unknowingly consider it a reduced copy of the Airedale, in fact, this is not so. Its history can be traced by graphic evidence and statuettes – various drawings, paintings, tapestries, etc., as well as some records. At first he was known as a black and tan wire-haired terrier or Old English terrier.

Although the Welsh Terrier was originally related to Wales, it has been common in many areas of England since the beginning of the 19th century. He was usually used for hunting foxes, otters and badgers, he was also good at killing parasites, which made this dog incredibly popular. After all, every farm, stable, butcher’s and tavern shops all needed such a versatile and healthy animal.

Usually, this breed was classified and demonstrated at exhibitions as an Old English Terrier, however, many other terrier breeds were classified in this category. Ultimately, he received a classification at the English Kennel Club as a Welsh Terrier in 1885.

The welsh terrier came to the USA in 1888, but these were, rather, single individuals who arrived in America with immigrants. However, the breed was so popular and in demand that literally 3 years later the first breeders appeared, and imports from England gained stability. In addition, the Welsh Terrier began to conquer Europe.

These are small dogs with a strong physique and short, tough, curly hair. The limbs are medium, proportional, the ears are triangular, folded, on the face there is a small “mustache”. The tail is short. The color is black and red.

The Welsh Terrier is a wonderful dog that will certainly fill your life with bright colors and non-standard situations. Just because this is its essence. One of the main features of this breed is a huge amount of energy, just an incredible amount that needs to be put somewhere. Do not think that if you provide your dog with walks every day, this will be enough. Do not even hope.

That is, walks in walks, but your pet will not just wait for every trip to the street, he will demand it unconditionally, moreover, at any time of the day or night. If you are going for a run in the morning, he will be the first to squeeze through the door, and jump around you while you lace up your sneakers. Even after receiving an hour or two of active physical exercises on the street daily, the dog will arrange games at home with your slippers, with toys, with your legs or with your children, and sometimes with everything at once.

With children, by the way, a special story. The Welsh terrier loves children, it is by default the best friend for a child with whom they will always find a common language. If you think that the dog will rush around the house and jump at you from chairs or a sofa only during the games, or at a time when it is convenient for you, you are mistaken. Should she try, and she will do it endlessly, when she likes it.

Accordingly, you can not do without a good sense of humor, love for various tricks and a tolerant attitude. Due to boredom and lack of activity, destruction in the house begins – remember this. Moreover, the welsh terrier is a breed that is not recommended for inexperienced owners, since these animals sometimes like to act in their own way and their upbringing is sometimes difficult. Including because they do not like monotony, but more on that later.

The Welsh Terrier can live in an apartment if he receives enough physical activity and walks freely, but it is believed that the ideal place for his maintenance is a private house with a yard. Keep in mind that if you still have a private house, the dog will dig holes, and, unlike other breeds, it will be much harder to teach her to dig a hole in one place. Why – it’s hard to say, apparently this refers to the mysterious area of ​​canine love of digging.

Also, these dogs love to bark, and you will have to make efforts to wean your pet from this. Otherwise, goodbye to a healthy sleep and friendly neighbors. Welsh terrier, as a rule, does not cause allergies and is suitable for allergy sufferers, but this is not absolute – human allergies are too individual concepts.

This breed has a very developed intellect, if dogs could pass an aikyu test, welsh terriers would have one of the highest results. This is certain. They are very attached to their family, and do not tolerate separation. On the other hand, these dogs are alien to excessive obsession and painful emotionality, they can spend time alone with their toy, knowing that the owner is in the next room. Works. And you do not need to get it.

Since these are hunting dogs, and in the past they were actively used for such purposes, your dog will most likely pursue squirrels, rats, hedgehogs, and generally any small animals, including cats, therefore you need to train a dog to have a cat in the house from an early age age.

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