English cocker spaniel
The Cocker Spaniel is a breed widely known throughout the world, and in England these dogs have been known since the early Middle Ages. Cute animals, which now play the…

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Belgian shepherd groenendael
Groenendael belongs to the breed of dogs Belgian Shepherd, being one of four types. Belgian Shepherd Dogs also include: Tervuren, Malinois and Lakenua. In the late 19th and early 20th…

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Belgian shepherd groenendael
Groenendael belongs to the breed of dogs Belgian Shepherd, being one of four types. Belgian Shepherd Dogs also include: Tervuren, Malinois and Lakenua. In the late 19th and early 20th…

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Weimaraner (Weimar Pointing Dog)

The Weimaraner dog breed arose at the beginning of the 19th century in Germany, at the court of the capital of the county of Saxe-Weimar – the city of Weimar. Local nobles loved all the traditional entertainment inherent in their estate. Accordingly – hunting and dogs, including considering themselves to be great connoisseurs.

It was in the noble circles of Weimar that the Weimaraner breed, or, as they are also called, the Weimar Pointing Dog, was bred. Although this happened relatively recently by historical standards, and among the nobility everyone could read and write, however, no detailed records on the breeding program have been preserved. Nevertheless, it is fairly accurate to know which breeds participated in it: Bloodhound, English Pointer, German Shorthair Pointer and Silver Dog.

This breed, as conceived by the breeders, was supposed to have great stamina, physical strength and power, intelligence and fearlessness. Weimaraner was used to hunt big game – deer, wolves and even bears. At the end of the 19th, beginning of the 20th century, Germany was experiencing a great industrial upsurge, and the duchy of Saxe-Weimar was completely merged with the German Empire.

Accordingly, forest land decreased, as did the number of game, and hunting itself ceased to be purely noble entertainment, and game ceased to be purely noble property. Weimaraner began to be used for hunting hares and foxes, as well as for birds. The Weimaraner breed club was created in Germany in 1897, and it was a rather closed community.

Now it may even seem wild, but at that time it was not allowed to get a dog of this breed if you were not a member of the club. And to enter the club, as you understand, it was possible only with the permission of its members. In 1929, the American athlete Howard Knight was honored to join the club, and even received permission to export two dogs to the United States. Moreover, these dogs (except his own) he was allocated members of the club in order to distribute the breed in the United States. Knight pledged to keep the breed clean.

After World War II, many of these dogs entered America, along with military personnel who returned home. Even President Dwight Eisenhower brought in a Weimaraner and – attention – brought him to the White House. By the way, in the homeland of these dogs they also call the “silver ghost”.

There are breeders and just dog owners selling puppies of other colors, for example, blue, under the guise of “unique”, but the truth is that these “unique” colors are not recognized by any association. In other words, it’s just a hoax.

Weimaraner is known all over the world thanks to the work of modern photographer William Wegmar, using the amazing ability of the breed to take very “human facial expressions”, or muzzle – as you like. He dresses dogs in human clothes, uses wigs and makeup elements, making them monarchs, noblemen, characters of fairy tales, etc.

Weimaraner – large dogs with a muscular physique. Ears are hanging, limbs are longer than average, chest is pronounced. The tail is medium, the coat is short. Shades of hair from silver to silver gray, eyes – from light amber to gray-blue or gray.

The Weimaraner dog breed is not simple but generally good in character and very devoted to its owner and family. However, there is a flip side to the coin. If the dog is left to its own devices, not engaged in its upbringing and socialization, the instincts that it carries in itself by nature will prevail. It’s unavoidable. You must understand that this is, nevertheless, an animal.

Please note that the Weimaraner will dig under the fence, shamelessly bite furniture, destroy cats and all small animals in general, except for small dogs (although there is no complete certainty here), and steal food from the table, and get into your bed at night and bark loudly at every opportunity – in a word, he will behave as he pleases. At best, he will obey you every other time. There is only one way out – education, and the correct positioning of oneself as a leader.

In general, it cannot be said that the “silver ghost” (as they are called in their homeland) has an uncontrollable character, this is not so. Rather, his character will become uncontrollable if, at an early age, there is no firm hand and strong voice that will govern.

And at the same time, the Weimaraner is inseparable from the owner, he is ready to spend every minute with him. Sometimes they get so used to their own people that they can experience prolonged separation inadequately, up to destructive behavior and even (!) Self-harm. Therefore, you have to take a dog with you on vacation, and leaving the animal alone every day (if you are a lonely owner and spend the whole day at work) is not recommended.

The breed has a high level of energy, which is not surprising – because it is a born hunter, from which the following circumstance follows. Namely – his hunting instincts and a wonderful scent. If you go for a walk, remember that the dog will most likely try to hunt any small animals.

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