Australian terrier
The Australian Terrier is a breed originally from Australia, as you probably guessed by the name. However, despite the fact that the breed is considered Australian, it originated from the…

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Azawak (African Hound)
Azawak is an ancient and rare breed of dog that originated in the Sahara desert, namely in the Sahel region. In this region there is the Azawak Valley - in…

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Akita Inu
Dog Japanese Akita Inu is a legendary pet of Japan, known to locals since ancient times. Do not confuse Japanese Akita and American - they are different dogs. Japanese Akita…

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Wolfhound (wolf dog)

Volkosob is not an official name for a not ordinary dog ​​breed. Not quite official, because this breed, strictly speaking, has still not been recognized in any international organization, or even in the Russian Federation of Dogs. Why is this breed so unusual?

Even from the name it’s clear that a wolfhound is a mixture of a dog and a wolf. That is, it is not that once the ancestors in the form of wolves and German shepherds mated together, and to this day the resulting dogs have mated with each other. Not. In fact, each new individual, ideally, should come from mating between a dog and a wolf, although there are individuals that even in the 3rd generation showed superiority in the main properties (scent, mind, endurance, etc.) over ordinary dogs.

Accordingly, you can imagine what qualities a purebred wolf-dog carries in the first generation. In fact, the idea is not new – in past centuries, and now there are similar breeds in other places of the globe. Wolfhound is the Russian name for Russian hybrids of dogs and wolves, but the Czechoslovakian wolf dog and Sarlos wolf dog are also known. Both, by the way, from crossing a German shepherd with wolves.

In general, the positive results of such experiments are rare, since only about 5% of hybrids can be tamed by humans – the remaining 95% are wild, aggressive and may have developmental anomalies. Volkosob, as a breed that has not yet been officially identified, and therefore does not have an official standard, can boast of crossbreeds not only with the German Shepherd, but also with Siberian husky, husky and Alaskan Malamute.

The breed was created for military purposes, at the Institute of Internal Troops of the city of Perm. The first offspring were obtained in 2000 from the wolf Nayda, raised by a hunter from an early age, and a German shepherd named Baron. For some time, the existence of these dogs was not advertised, and they were used purely in various branches of the army. However, around 2003, ordinary civilians became aware of them. In places where great endurance and wonderful wolf instincts are required, the demand for dogs of the Wolf breed is very high.

Wolfhound has a much more highly developed flair than a regular German shepherd, albeit very capable. According to research, in a confined space, the wolfhound finds a person about 50 times faster than the same German shepherd. Their scent is 6 times stronger. At the moment, the state project for the study, creation and population of wolf and dog hybrids in Russia is closed.

The Wolfhound breed is an animal of large sizes, weighing 40-50 kg, with a thin, but muscular and very strong body. In fact, they look very much like wolves – the ears are erect, the muzzle is elongated, the limbs are slightly longer than average, the eyes are piercing and very intelligent. The tail is medium long, fluffy. Color can be black or gray.

To say that the dog of the breed is intelligent is to say nothing. Their intelligence is different from the intelligence of ordinary dogs. What if it was a question of a man, one could say that he more deeply understands the world around him, and in general is a deeper man in comparison with the rest. Many who have had experience working with a wolfhound note that the dog seems to draw its own conclusions, accumulates experience, has an excellent memory, is well-orientated, understands the person perfectly, although sometimes it tries to convince him otherwise.

The latter, by the way, also requires cunning and intelligence. It is difficult to train these animals, since it is not clear to them (in the internal sense) the simple memorization of commands. This should be a deep interaction between the owner and the dog, when the dog meets and follows the owner’s command, so to speak, more from friendship than from simple dog devotion. The symbiosis of nature and man. Although, in this respect, the wolfhounds will never let you down.

Another thing is that the owner must earn the respect of his dog. This breed can often simply ignore commands, or act in its own way. On the one hand, it can be said that the wolf-dog considers the family or the owner as something like a pack, and seeks to occupy a dominant position in it. They are very loyal to their master, they love walking, they have a large amount of energy – it is preferable to live with such a dog in the private sector.

They treat strangers with caution; they treat children normally if they are children from their family. If these are strange children, the attitude towards them is cool, but without aggression – the animal is more likely to simply leave (even if it is a 3-year-old baby who immediately tries to put a finger in the dog’s ear or mouth, which should not be done at all).

Other domestic animals are not that perceived poorly – they simply do not perceive. Basically. Like a phenomenon. Although, there are cases of successful friendship with other dogs and even cats, but here it is necessary to clarify that the breed of the wolf-dog has always been accustomed to this from childhood, and – without guarantees of success.

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