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American Akita
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Dandy dinmont terrier

Dandy Dinmont Terrier is a unique breed, not only due to its unusual appearance, but also due to the name of the breed. Perhaps this is the only case in the history of dog breeding when dogs were named after a fictional character from a book by a famous author. What kind of author is this? – you ask. And we will answer – Walter Scott. What kind of work? – There will probably be the next question. And here we will give the answer – “Guy Mannering, or an astrologer.”

The main character named Dandy Dinmont had six dogs, which he distinguished mainly by their shades, and there were only two shades – salt and pepper, and mustard. That is what the protagonist called the shades of his dogs, and that’s what they are called to this particular breed.

There are many options for the stories of the origin of these dogs, but there is no consensus. Some believe that the dandy-dinmont terrier arose from crossing a sky-terrier with hanging ears and a bedligton terrier, others suggest that this is the result of crossing dachshunds and terriers, although, like dachshunds developing in Germany, they could get to England and Scotland, to terriers, it is not clear. Another assumption is the crossing of the Otterhound breed and some terriers.

You can choose the version that you prefer, however, in any case, the dandy-dinmont terrier is one of the oldest terriers on earth, it is believed that he appeared around the end of the 17th beginning of the 18th century. Initially, these small dogs were used for hunting foxes, badgers and otters, although now no one uses them as hunters. By the way, this is one of those breeds that has not changed much over the past centuries, as evidenced by the portrait of Henry, 3rd Duke of Bucclech, pictured in 1770 by Gainsborough.

The dandy dinmont terrier reached great popularity at the end of the 19th century, in England. Moreover, these dogs were not only kept by aristocrats. Queen Victoria, being a passionate dog lover, certainly had this unusual terrier in her possession.

Before World War II, there were many famous, large nurseries of this breed, however, after the end of World War II, many of these nurseries ceased to exist. Today, the dandy-dinmont terrier is one of the rarest breeds in the world, and even falls into the category of endangered breeds.

These are small dogs. They have large domed heads with large dark eyes, long ears are bordered at the tips. The back is long, curved above the lower back (in the back) and slightly lowers to the base of the curved tail. Forelegs are short and large, slightly turned forward. The hind legs are longer than the front.

The dandy-dinmont terrier has a wonderful, very affectionate and childishly cute character. Despite the fact that in the past these dogs were good hunters for foxes, badgers and otters, now it is almost always exclusively a family dog. He is an excellent companion who has a cheerful disposition and endlessly loves each member of his family.

At the same time, the dandy dinmont terrier is a worthy, intelligent dog, he is not looking for a fight and knows how to behave as expected. Which, by the way, distinguishes these terriers from many of his brothers. Dandy usually does not bully, is friendly to others, but with strangers – restrained and knows how to maintain the necessary distance. At the same time, if you have family friends who often come to visit, the dog will undoubtedly remember them and will be more open and friendly.

In fact, if a dog is constantly socializing from an early age and gets used to making new acquaintances, its attitude towards strangers in adulthood can change. Like all terriers, the dandy-dinmont terrier has internal independence and determination, these are brave little friends who can even defend their family and owner if necessary.

Despite the fact that today these dogs are practically not used for hunting, nevertheless, they still have hunting instincts. Therefore, most likely they will pursue various small animals, birds and even cats. So, if you plan to get a cat, the dog needs to be accustomed to its presence from a very young age. This breed, as we have already mentioned, has independence, which can sometimes become stubborn, which sometimes makes the learning process difficult.

The dandy-dinmont terrier has a wonderful intellect, perfectly understands what is happening around, understands the owners well and recognizes both the meaning of words and various behavioral hints. The dog needs mental stimulation, which, on the one hand, is provided by training, and on the other, by the attitude of the owners.

That is, in ordinary life you should consider your pet as smart, talk with him and generally behave with him as a rational being (reasonable to a certain extent, of course, it’s still a dog, not a professor of quantum physics), etc. . Over time, you will see that your vision and behavior directly affects the understanding of the animal.

Get along well with the kids. Need daily walks.

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