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Welsh terrier (Welsh Terrier)
The Welsh Terrier, or, as it is also called, the Welsh Terrier, is considered one of the oldest terriers on the planet. Although many unknowingly consider it a reduced copy…

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Australian terrier
The Australian Terrier is a breed originally from Australia, as you probably guessed by the name. However, despite the fact that the breed is considered Australian, it originated from the…

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Boxer - a dog known throughout the world. They are very popular both in America and in Europe and the CIS countries, and this breed originated from Germany. In fact,…

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American water spaniel

The American water spaniel breed appeared in hunting farms along the Fox River and its tributary of the Wolf River in the early 19th century. At that far time, people developed new territories and hunting was an important part of their life and way of life. Accordingly, the hunters needed a dog that could get the game out of the water, find it in the dense thickets of shrubs and reeds.

That is, the dog had to be universal, to be able to help on water and on land, also, it had to be small in size so that it could be placed on a boat. In addition, the Fox River has very cold water for most of the year, which is why the animal was required to have appropriate wool.

The American Water Spaniel was originally known as the American Brown Spaniel – a small, tightly knocked down, with a fine flair and double, slightly curly hair that perfectly resists water, thorns and Continue reading

American bulldog

The American bulldog breed originated from the English bulldog around the end of the 17th – beginning of the 18th centuries, in America, when the colonists (and, subsequently, farmers) needed protection both in moving across the vast expanses of new land, and in grazing cattle. The main problem of farmers at that time and in that area was wild boars, various rodents, hares, foxes and wolves.

If cats were brought into the fight against rodents (you can read more about them here), then more serious helpers were needed to fight wild boars, foxes and wolves. Colonists, including those who arrived on the legendary Mayflower, brought cats and dogs with them.

Dogs – English bulldogs and dogs of undetermined breed (crossbreed), freely crossed among themselves, as a result of which the American bulldog appeared. He had many characteristic features of the English Continue reading

American Akita

American Akita is a breed that, despite its Japanese origin, is considered American. How did this happen? Very simply – after the Second World War, American soldiers returned home and brought several individuals to their homeland, giving rise to a new history of these fairly ancient dogs.

If we talk about their Japanese origin and history of existence, the Akita Inu breed has been known to the Japanese since ancient times. These dogs in ancient times were called matagi ken, and performed many different functions, from guarding estates to bloody entertainments – dog fights and fights with wild animals. In general, translated from Japanese, the name of the breed means “going to the bear.”

At the end of the 17th century, dog fights, and in general dog and animal fights, gained more and more popularity, spreading throughout Japan. Accordingly, there was a need for a variety of breeds. And Continue reading

Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute is a very strong, intelligent and ancient native dog that is used to survive in the harsh conditions of Alaska, at extremely low temperatures and minimal food. The history of the breed is inextricably linked with the ancient peoples inhabiting Siberia. Several thousand years ago, these dogs made the transition along with the tribes that migrated from Siberia to Alaska, and then settled in a new place.

Today we know the name of only one of the tribes – the Mahlemut. The tribe itself is now extremely small, if at all, but the ancient people preserved their memory thanks to this amazing breed of dogs that has survived to this day. The Makhlemuts, after a long journey, settled in the north-eastern part of the Seward Peninsula – this area is considered to be the birthplace of Alaskan Malamutes. Continue reading

Akita Inu

Dog Japanese Akita Inu is a legendary pet of Japan, known to locals since ancient times. Do not confuse Japanese Akita and American – they are different dogs. Japanese Akita Inu originated in northern Japan in Akita Province – that is how dogs got their name. It is not known for certain exactly when these animals formed as a breed, however, the first written evidence dates back to the early 17th century. In those days, Akita Inu was used to protect the imperial family.

In addition, members of the imperial family loved hunting small and large game with these dogs – this is hard to believe, but they even went to the bear with them. This very clearly characterizes the personality of the animal, because Akita has a bold, and at the same time good-natured character. To understand the kindness of these dogs, a vivid example can be given – in the London zoo the baby Akita Inu was once used as a nanny-older brother for a tiger cub. And the dog did an excellent job of this task. Continue reading

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