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American Pit Bull Terrier (Pit Bull)
At the beginning of the 20th century in England, several wild entertainment ideas with animal participation were popular today, for example, baiting bulls and bears with dogs. It was for…

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Australian Shepherd (Aussie)
Despite the fact that the name of the breed literally sounds like an Australian Aussie shepherd, in fact, the breed originated in America. The name sounds that way, because the…

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German Shepherd
Traditionally, it is believed that the German shepherd breed appeared in 1899. In fact, this is only a clearly defined reference point, although similar dogs existed before. Moreover, a professional…

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Bichon Frize (French lapdog)

The Bichon Frize dog breed is a small, snow-white lump that looks more like plush toys. If you add a pink ribbon to the look, it will be simply impossible to distinguish between them. As often happens, scientists cannot say exactly how and where these dogs came from, however, there is a widespread opinion among dog breeders that the Bichon Frize came from a barbichon, also called a barbet.

The barbet was larger, and it is still unclear how it lost more than half its weight, decreased, and most importantly, with whom these dogs were bred to get modern Bichons. The first written records of the Bichon Frize dog breed began in the 14th century, when French marine magazines mentioned small white dogs living on the island of Tenerife, and that many French sailors took them with them to their homeland. Continue reading


Boxer – a dog known throughout the world. They are very popular both in America and in Europe and the CIS countries, and this breed originated from Germany. In fact, they are the descendants of the large German hunting dogs Bullenbeisser, and also have bulldog blood. Bullenbeiser was used as a hunting dog with which they even went for a bear, as well as for wild boar, deer, elk, and, in general, for big game.

Over time, hunting for big game has become less, but the number of farms, on the contrary, has increased. Accordingly, the ancestors of the boxers moved from hunters to guards of the estates, and also performed a host of other functions, being universal dogs that could be entrusted with various tasks, including dragging a small cart to the market with the owner.

The boxer dog line started from the moment when the Munich bitch Bullenbeiser took a walk with a male Continue reading

Bolognese (Italian lap-dog)

The Bolognese dog breed is one of the most recognizable in Europe. We constantly see such dogs in parks, on the streets, with owners of various ages, although for some reason traditionally they often become companions of older people. Despite its recognition and wide distribution across the European continent, many do not even suspect how old this breed is. The first written mentions in Italian books date back to the 13th century – 800 years to be human companions, which, you must admit, is a lot.

The Bolognese breed is a member of the Bichon family group, which consists of breeds:

Bichon Frize;
Maltese lap-dog (maltese); Continue reading

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

As you know, now in Switzerland there are four dog breeds that are considered local property. And one of the oldest and most popular is the large Swiss Mountain Dog. They resemble the Appenzeller Sennenhund breed, but still have certain differences.

It is believed that they were brought in by Roman legionnaires during the time of Octavian Augustus (3rd century AD), or rather, not themselves, but their ancestors, from whom modern Swiss dog breeds originated. Their warlike ancestors resembled the present mastiffs, were large, fearless, and completely loyal to their masters. Among the local population, they gained great popularity due to their strength and versatility, as well as due to endurance and intelligence.

Locals used these dogs for a variety of purposes – as guards for cattle, as guards for the house, as a Continue reading

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

The White Swiss Shepherd is a direct descendant of German Shepherds, and, in fact, earlier the first and second were reckoned with the same breed. At the end of the 19th century, when the German shepherd breed was formed, all colors, including white, were accepted for standardization. Now it is believed that the white shepherd and white Swiss shepherd, as well as German, are three different breeds, although they have the same origin.

The separation process began after 1920, when a German shepherd breed with white coat was discarded to participate in dog shows. By the way, it is interesting to know that the first officially registered German shepherd nicknamed Horand Von Grafrat had a classic color, although the maternal great-grandfather of this dog was pure white. After 1970, breeders appeared who engaged in targeted breeding of white shepherd dogs, and American enthusiasts played a large role in this. Continue reading

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German Shepherd
Traditionally, it is believed that the German shepherd breed appeared in 1899. In fact, this is only a clearly defined reference point, although similar dogs existed before. Moreover, a professional…


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