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Basset Hound (Basset)
The breed of dogs Basset Hound is very recognizable, these dogs can not be confused with others. Their low stature, extremely long ears, unhurried manner of behavior and wrinkles on…

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American water spaniel
The American water spaniel breed appeared in hunting farms along the Fox River and its tributary of the Wolf River in the early 19th century. At that far time, people…

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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
As you know, now in Switzerland there are four dog breeds that are considered local property. And one of the oldest and most popular is the large Swiss Mountain Dog.…

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Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is the largest breed of the group of greyhounds chasing movable prey, as well as the tallest dog in the world. One of the first references to these animals dates back to the year 391 AD, when the Roman consul Aurelius wrote about the “great surprise and delight” experienced by the inhabitants of Rome and the aristocracy, when they saw the seven wolfhounds brought by the legionnaires from the campaign.

In Ireland, these dogs were highly appreciated for their fighting qualities, fearlessness and tremendous strength. In battle, an Irish wolfhound was used to knock a horseman off a horse, and, often on the ground, this same horseman found himself with a horse. They hunted big game, Irish elk, wolf and bear.

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The Collie dog breed is truly legendary. She is grateful for her popularity, including the series “Lassie”, which appeared in the second half of the 20th century. This dog originated in Scotland, and then came to the territory of England along with nomadic tribes.

In ancient times, the collie breed was guarded by flocks of sheep, goats, and pigs – the collie dogs still perform this function in their homeland today. There are opinions that say that the dog came to Britain with Roman legionnaires and colonists, about 2000 years ago. Dogs of those times had a larger physique, like modern border collies, and possessed mainly black hair.

The first to seriously engage in the popularization of the breed was Queen Victoria herself – in 1860, visiting her estate in Scotland, she was moved to the core by the soft and good-natured nature of the Continue reading


The Komondor dog breed comes from Hungary. In their native country, written references to these pets first appeared in the 16th century, but this does not mean that they arose at that time. In fact, people used the Komondor long before this dog got into manuscripts, they simply could not write about it themselves – at that time, almost all were illiterate. And – in Hungary. In the 15-16 century.

In these places at this time, even the so-called “know” was far from always really able to write, even if she could somehow read the letter. Well, people in the countryside, who mainly used the Komondor, did not even distinguish the letters. Komondor performed the functions of protecting households and livestock, acting as shepherd and guard dogs.

In appearance, this breed partly resembles sheep, having the same long and curly hair, so dogs could be Continue reading

German Shepherd

Traditionally, it is believed that the German shepherd breed appeared in 1899. In fact, this is only a clearly defined reference point, although similar dogs existed before. Moreover, a professional military man named Max von Stefanitz, who is credited with this merit, simply bought his first pet at the exhibition. Subsequently, he standardized the breed and succeeded in creating a successful breeding program.

Moreover, the first individual was a cross between a wolf and a dog, and von Stefanitz was crossing his male, bought at the show, named Hector Linsrain with the best local shepherd dogs. A little later, he renamed the purchased dog, giving him the nickname Horand von Grafet. Stefanitz traveled throughout Germany in search of the best dogs, examining in detail their character and appearance. Continue reading

Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer is a breed of dogs that originates from the ancient shepherd dogs of Germany. The lands of Bavaria and Württemberg are considered the birthplace of the Giant Schnauzer, but now historians cannot say exactly when exactly this breed arose. There are several theories of origin, and the most common is that the Giant Schnauzer was bred to help herders.

The Giant Schnauzer most likely arose from the cross of a shepherd, a black German Great Dane and a schnauzer with large smooth-haired dogs. Possibly, the Flanders Bouvier also took part in the formation of the breed. He was known as Munich and was widely distributed in Bavaria and Württemberg.

For several hundred years, these dogs were used not only as shepherds, but also for other purposes. In particular, for protection and even hunting. We can say that the Giant Schnauzer is a universal dog that Continue reading

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