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The Doberman Pinscher breed of dog appeared as a result of the experiments of a single person who, in fact, was not even going to create so popular and famous…

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Bichon Frize (French lapdog)
The Bichon Frize dog breed is a small, snow-white lump that looks more like plush toys. If you add a pink ribbon to the look, it will be simply impossible…

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Bernese Mountain Dog
The Bernese Mountain Dog is one of the very ancient breeds of dogs, which is estimated at about 2000 years old. This breed belongs to a group of four breeds…

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Wolfhound (wolf dog)

Volkosob is not an official name for a not ordinary dog ​​breed. Not quite official, because this breed, strictly speaking, has still not been recognized in any international organization, or even in the Russian Federation of Dogs. Why is this breed so unusual?

Even from the name it’s clear that a wolfhound is a mixture of a dog and a wolf. That is, it is not that once the ancestors in the form of wolves and German shepherds mated together, and to this day the resulting dogs have mated with each other. Not. In fact, each new individual, ideally, should come from mating between a dog and a wolf, although there are individuals that even in the 3rd generation showed superiority in the main properties (scent, mind, endurance, etc.) over ordinary dogs.

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It is probably hard to imagine a person living in a civilized world who would not know a Dalmatian dog. The cartoon, and later the Walt Disney movie “101 Dalmatians,” made these animals famous everywhere. By the way, after the release of this touching story, the popularity of the breed soared to heaven. Which is not surprising.

The exact origin of the Dalmatian is unknown, but the first evidence relates to … Gypsies. Yes, you heard right – it was this stray people who used dogs in performances and hunting. Actually, the name of the breed Dalmatian itself refers to a territory called Dalmatia, which corresponds to the current Croatia. Apparently, dogs were very fond of this area – they were used not only by Gypsies, but literally by all in a wide variety of areas (although they came to Dalmatia, apparently with roving Gypsies). Dalmatians acted as shepherds, rat-catchers, retriever, circus dogs. Continue reading


The Doberman Pinscher breed of dog appeared as a result of the experiments of a single person who, in fact, was not even going to create so popular and famous dogs. He just wanted to have a loyal and reliable defender, as he was a tax collector. And, concurrently – an enthusiast for breeding dogs.

It was in the city of Apold, Thuringia (region of Germany) in the 19th century, around 1870 – it was then that the founder of the breed started experiments on crossing Rottweilers, German Pinschers and some terriers. The name of our enthusiast, Louis Doberman. There is no intrigue about the origin of the name of the breed – everything is obvious.

For the first time, the Doberman was demonstrated at a dog show in 1876, and gained great favor with German dog lovers. In 1894, Louis Doberman died, and he took the secret of crossbreeding with him – it Continue reading

Dandy dinmont terrier

Dandy Dinmont Terrier is a unique breed, not only due to its unusual appearance, but also due to the name of the breed. Perhaps this is the only case in the history of dog breeding when dogs were named after a fictional character from a book by a famous author. What kind of author is this? – you ask. And we will answer – Walter Scott. What kind of work? – There will probably be the next question. And here we will give the answer – “Guy Mannering, or an astrologer.”

The main character named Dandy Dinmont had six dogs, which he distinguished mainly by their shades, and there were only two shades – salt and pepper, and mustard. That is what the protagonist called the shades of his dogs, and that’s what they are called to this particular breed.

There are many options for the stories of the origin of these dogs, but there is no consensus. Some believe Continue reading

Yorkshire Terrier

The history of the Yorkshire Terrier began during the industrial revolution in England, when Scottish workers brought with them small dogs, which in those days were called the Paisley Terrier or the Clydesdale Terrier. Workers in those distant times lived in extremely unfavorable conditions, and rats in their more than modest houses were home to an unthinkable number, in fact, dogs were chosen specifically for fighting rodents.

Of course, those dogs were almost twice the size of modern Yorkshire terriers. Today, researchers cannot say for sure which dogs paisley terriers crossed, but they suggest that they were an English black and tan toy terrier, a sky terrier, and also, quite possibly, a water side terrier. In any case, the dog subsequently turned out to be very similar to the current Yorkshire Terrier, and has not changed much since then. Continue reading

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Anatolian Shepherd Dog (Turkish Kangal, Karabash)
The Anatolian Shepherd dog breed is one of the oldest, and, according to various archaeological studies, comes from hunting dogs that lived 4000 years BC. Their area of ​​existence was…


Briard (French Shepherd Dog)
One of the oldest and well-known breeds both in France and abroad is the Briard breed. These dogs are known as very soulful and kind, and their thick, long coat…


White Swiss Shepherd Dog
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